What’s the project about?

So the big question is what is the project actually about. It is a sort of media center/server . Its job is to mainly play back audio  (video is probably way too difficult) and host it inside the LAN for other devices, or also stream it over the web to a mobile device you your music is everywhere you are.

The project is still sketchy.Its more of a idea currently that i will develop further.The storage for it should be a hard drive or similar as they provide the highest capacity storage, although may use a simpler SD card for test purposes. I will try to get the MP3 decode/encode to happened inside the XMOS chip if possible(external decoder chip as alternative) As for the user interface i am thinking of a webserver like routers and other home network equipment uses as its very user friendly and easy to use. But i also am thinking of using a small LCD module to display some status and stuff on it.But a lot more features may come in or a lot may get scraped. It has to be determined how complicated certain features are to implement also lots of new ideas always spring up during the development of a project.

I hope the project will become what i imagined it to be, in any way it will be a good learning experience as there are a lot of different technologys involved with it.One of the biggest is the new XMOS chip it self.

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