Got a block diagram

So i have put down some design ideas what to put in to the design and what core to assign it to. As you can see there are quite a few components here.

Block diagramNow the only thing that is already on the XC-2 board is the ethernet part (luckily), but all the other stuff will have to be added to make the thing work like its supposed to. The next key component is the mass storage that is going to be a IDE harddrive or/and a SD memory card. The SD card should actually be on core 3 as it handles the file system but i ran out of pins since the IDE drive needs a whoping 24 pins to interface, but since the SD card uses standard SPI i figured i would connect it then to the same SPI bus that goes to the external memory.This memory will be the new FRAM type (nonvolatile magnetic RAM) because it is very fast and will be used to store various stuff like the website it is going to host and things like that. The next thing is the audio that i will use standard audio DACs and ADCs on a I2S bus and will be connected to its own core that will hopeful decode a few audio formats. Moving on we get to a bluetooth module, that is a simple BT module from National Semi with a USART interface and is intended for a interface to mobile phones directly. The last is a simple character LCD to display some info on its current state. The LCD is not very crucial and may be scraped later as the device was not ment to be interfaced directly but rather trough ethernet/bluetooth. Another thing is that the change in supply voltage is needed because IDE drives need along the 5V also a 12V supply with some current on it too as it runs the mechanics.

For now I’m still only waiting for the development board.

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One Comment on “Got a block diagram”

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