Schematics and 3D

Okey so i have did some real design work and drawn up  a schematic for that shield and actually even decided to try out the 3D feature of my PCB design software.

The schematic is far from final yet tho, this is just the beta of it. I will check a few things with it to make sure it works like it supposed to as fixing it later can be very difficult

xmos schem tunimb

xmos 3d board

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4 Comments on “Schematics and 3D”

  1. Jason Says:

    What PCB software are you using? Might be useful for others to know if they are new to this?

    • Bernard Klinc Says:

      The software used is Altium Designer Winter 09. The pictures of the board are cropped screenshots from the software in 3D mode, while the PDF is directly exported from the program.

      I just recently switched to this program from CadSoft Eagle and wow what a change. Not only dose Altium do much much more things than eagle its also much easier to use.(Creating a new component takes like half a minute from scratch)

  2. Nice Blog… Good Work….

  3. PCB Assembly Says:

    Thanks a lot for share this PCB design and layout. I like to design it for my clients soon.

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