PCB Design getting there

So i done some work on it again and got the PCB design all done. I still need to think it trough to make sure i didn’t miss anything important.

There aren’t many changes from the schematic before. Here the pins are swapped so that they are the easiest to route on the PCB and the big pile of SPI memory ICs. There are 5 together on the SPI bus for general purpose storage and 1 to serve as a buffer for playback. I don’t plan to actually put all 5. Its so if i run out of memory i can simply solder another memory IC in there. The memory chips are FRAM so i can use this memory for eater temporary working memory or long term memory since FRAM has the speed and durability of RAM while beig nonvolatile.

xmos board drw

xmos board2 3d

xmos schem2 tunimb

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2 Comments on “PCB Design getting there”

  1. zuzebox Says:

    Your XShield looks pretty cool.

    Have you listed it at xcore.com or xmoslinkers.com yet?

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