Some Hardware

So after some time i started a bit on hardware to plug on to the development board.

First thing i did was solder some header connectors on to my XC-2 as the board comes with no connectors to allow you to use the connector of your choice. I just used female headers on the bottom of the board. I put then there because i found that the ethernet jack on the top is too tall to allow board stacking with standard headers while there are no problems on the bottom.

A simple thing i that came to my mind was a SD card interface. Hmm i don’t have a SD card slot to use on it, so the better way of doing things. DIY it! This is a SD card slot built out of a small piece of prefboard and a few header pins and coper wire. I made one of those before when i needed a SD slot when interfacing a dsPIC to it(it ended up very reliable too).So all i did was make a copy of that one and put a two row header to plug in to the XC-2 board. Next time you need a SD slot fast, just grab a little prefboard and some header pins.

The 2nd thing in the photo is the mess of wires that can be used to connect pins of a connector on the XC-2 to a breadboard for quick testing of a piece of hardware on it. It might come very useful to do some quick stuff on it.

I didn’t start on the software for this stuff yet tho. I hope to get some done soon.

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