Hello LCD

I went with doing something simple for a start and decided a LCD could be pretty useful, so i made it interface a simple 2X16 character LCD module. Something amazing happened too, the display shown up the text the 1st time i ran my code! Woah! Things tend to never work on the 1st try as there is always something that gets overlooked, but this cute little display must like me.

The code still needs a little work to make it easier to use and gota make a channel server/client so i can use it as a nice debug screen.Also need to get in some USART too, so i can have a terminal window (Yeah i love those for debug).

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3 Comments on “Hello LCD”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hehehe. Glad to see things are working out nicely! Nice photo too! 🙂

  2. Jon Says:

    Good Job mate! Some code would be truly awesome! Is that a 4 or 8 bit interface?

    • Bernard Klinc Says:

      Its 8bit since there are too many of these 8bit ports on the chip anyway. The code i didn’t post up anywhere but some LCD driver c code can quickly be ported to work on this too.I written is from scratch tho since this type of display is the easiest to interface from all the displays out there.

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